FAQ's – memoryblock-uk


Is my photo suitable for printing on wood?

Yes! We accept all formats and orientations of photos. If you have any questions you can email us your photo at info@memoryblock.co.uk

What is the difference between pine and Bamboo?

The main difference between our Bamboo and Pine blocks is the aesthetics. 
Both materials are of the same great quality and they print very similar to each other.
The bamboo can be slightly more matte than the pine with very fine grains through the print.
The Pine can have a smoother finish, however due to the natural nature of the wood, tiny grains are also sometimes visible.
Most people choose based on what they believe is more attractive.
Some people like the rustic pine others like the sleek, classy bamboo as it has a nice grain through it and side pattern. 

My Photo was taken on my phone- is this ok?

Absolutely, the majority of our blocks are printed from customers mobile phones. All images are edited  by our photoshop experts prior to printing, if they see any issues with quality or layout, you will be contacted directly. 

My photo was saved off social media, is this ok?

Social media photos are usually ok, but not as high quality as the original photo. 

Facebook & instagram reduce the quality of pictures to make file sizes smaller.

Ideally if you can track down the original photo from your phone or camera, the difference in quality will be worth it! If you're unsure, email us your photos and we'll take a look.

Can I request a preview of my pictures?

Yes! A preview can be requested in your order notes.

How will my picture fit the block? 

Our experts will professionally crop your photo to fit your chosen block. If for any reason your photo doesn’t fit perfectly, we will contact you directly.

We also ask you to indicate in the notes section, if you would prefer your picture cropped in a particular way. If we have trouble with your request we will contact you before we print.

Will my picture fit into a hexagon or heart?
The most suitable pictures for hearts and hexagons are ones that have the people or subject in the center of the frame with background around them to be cropped to the shape. Our Photoshop experts crop pictures to hearts and hexagons every day and would be happy to send through a preview or your picture prior to printing, if you would like a preview please request it on your order notes.

If you'd like us to check before ordering, you can email info@memoryblock.co.uk with your image and the product size/shape you are looking at and we'll check for you.


Are the sets the same as our single wooden blocks?
Yes, the only difference is pricing :)

Can I print illustrations or art work on the blocks?
Definitely! Illustrations, paintings, gallery prints, are all ideal for wood printing.

Can you do portrait or landscape orientation on all sizes?
Yes! All products can be portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal). Sets can even be a mix of portrait and landscape. 

How long does it take to print? 

In store printing is done on the spot and takes approximately 5-10 minutes per block at non peak times.

For online ordering time frames please refer to our delivery and shipping page.

Can I order online and then go pick up my order in-store?
Unfortunately we don't offer click and collect services, printing in store is very quick and efficient ranging from approximately 5 min per block at non peak times. Please allow extra time for peak periods. If you would like to order online you may choose express shipping and same day dispatch can be arranged (please email info@memoryblock.co.uk to request day day dispatch, available Monday-Friday)

What are our opening hours?
All of our store locations are open in conjunction with their respective shopping center operating hours. 

How long will shipping take?

Please refer to the delivery and shipping page for our shipping time frames.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! Simply email us and we'll send you a quote for shipping.

Do you do bulk, trade or wholesale?
Yes! Email us at info@memoryblock.co.uk with any enquiries.